Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs sneak into your home or commercial property while clinging onto clothes, bags, and other luggage. They are usually active at night, where they feast and gorge themselves on your blood while you’re sleeping. It can be difficult to manage and remove these insects, as they have a powerful instinct to remain hidden in difficult to reach areas throughout a property.

To prevent a bug bed infestation, the first thing to understand is where they come from. Once you know how these awful insects get into your home, you can take steps to help keep them away.


As their name implies, bed bugs are most often found in your bed. However, bed bugs can come from a variety of furniture, especially anything with small areas to hide. If you purchase anything used, make sure that it has been thoroughly checked or cleaned before it enters your home. This is especially true if you pick up a piece of furniture that someone has left outside.


Bed bugs attach themselves to your clothing while you’re outside so that you unwittingly carry them inside the home with you. While it’s probably not necessary to thoroughly check every item of clothing before you walk in the door, if you’ve visited an area that might have been exposed to bed bugs or borrowed a piece of clothing, it’s definitely a good idea to do a thorough inspection.


None of us want to believe that bed bugs originate from our family and friends, but it does happen. Despite what you may have heard, the presence of bed bugs in a person’s home has nothing to do with cleanliness whatsoever. Just like cockroaches and other insects, any household can become a refuge for bed bugs.


We hate to break it to you, but bed bugs can come from your furry friends, too. While we tend to think of these little critters as being inside all the time, the truth is that they do find their way to grassy areas, especially if they’ve been carried there from within a home. When your pet runs through the grass, it’s very possible for bed bugs to hitch a ride. The same is true if he or she has visited another home.


The last thing you ever want to think about during a vacation is the possibility of returning home with infested luggage. Unfortunately, it is a known fact that many bed bugs come from places we stay while away from home, whether it’s an Airbnb room or well-known hotel chain. So, before you bring your luggage inside, be sure to thoroughly check both it and the vehicle that you used to carry it home.

Public Transportation

When you ask yourself where bed bugs come from, then you definitely need to think about the types of public transportation that you’ve used. While most trips you take on buses and trains, whether it’s a quick jaunt across town or a much longer journey, they have been known to be a source of bed bugs since so many people use them on a regular basis.

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