Free Wasp Removal with Monthly Service

We must be able to reach the nests to perform the Free Wasp Removal. Wasps can cause problems around structures. Most are social insects that live in colonies. They aggressively defend their nests by stinging. The sting usually involves the injection of a venom that is a nerve poison. The sting may cause death in cases of allergy or when many wasps sting. Please call us for any Pest Control needs that you may have.

Special Rates

10% off normal rate!!! Call Green Tech Termite and Pest Control today to hear about our specials.

Pest Service Guarantee

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. How do we accomplish this? Simple, we focus on the things that matter most to our customers. Effective pest control methods delivered by skilled & trained, professional technicians who have been provided with the most up to date training and certifications. We schedule in advance from our office to ensure that you are notified before each service. At Green Tech Termite & Pest Control we are committed to your satisfaction.

Free Call Back Service

What if the bugs return? If the bugs come back…SO WILL WE!!! Unlimited service visits are part of our assurance that we’ll get the job done. Green Tech Termite & Pest Control will return to your home or business as many times as necessary to handle your pest problem. Best of all, Green Tech will do so at no additional charge to you! We’re here to provide you with “best in the business” customer service.

Termite Insurance Policy