Rodent Control Tampa Bay

Rodent Control in Tampa Bay, FL

Who wants to live with rats and mice? Unless they are your pets, you don’t want them in your home. Remove the rodents that live at your home or business by using our team for rodent control in Tampa Bay, FL. We safely trap and remove all of them, as well as prevent them from coming back. So, you’re squeamish about setting mousetraps and toxic baiting systems? We understand. Depend on Green-Tech Pest Control to handle your rodent removal needs the humane way. Even though we don’t want our customers living with rodents, we also don’t want to harm the animals. By humanely catching them and releasing them in a far-away location, we address both issues at the same time.

Rodent Control Tampa Bay FL

Our goal is to address your rodent problems by providing a “green” and humane solution. We do not use toxic chemicals or baiting systems that are dangerous for the environment or your pets. At the same time, we take a caring approach to all of your pest control needs. Instead of setting traps that kill, we simply capture the rodent and remove it for you.

The best way to catch a mouse, rat, or squirrel is by depending on us for rodent removal. Let us trap and safely remove these bothersome pests so that your life can be rodent-free again. Whether they are living in your crawlspace, attic, or walls, our team can locate them and provide effective trapping.

How to Perform Rodent Trapping the Right Way

A pet mouse is cute, but one that lives in your walls is a nuisance. Both mice and rats are rapid breeders. In a short time, they can easily take over your residence or commercial property. In fact, in one year alone, one female mouse gives birth to as many as 10 litters! In order to perform thorough rodent trapping, depend on our team. We’ll make sure to capture every rodent—both big and small.

Why You Need Rodent Control

They may be noisy, but rats and mice do much more that scratch and squeak. They are also very destructive. They tear up insulation, chew through wood, and contaminate any surface with their urine and feces. In order to keep your place in order and disease-free, rodent control is essential. Allow us to trap and remove these troublesome pests. In addition to providing effective rodent control, we also make sure they do not return again.

Contact us for an inspection if you notice mouse droppings in your home. We provide pest control services for residential and commercial customers in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Largo, Bellaire, and Seminole, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.

Free Removal of wasps, mud daubers, and spider webs (as long as we can reach them) after each service.

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