Residential Pest Control

Green Tech Termite & Pest Control Service has learned that the best way to eliminate pests in Clearwater is by using natural products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Green products cost less than the more expensive harsh chemical products that traditional Pest Control companies in Clearwater use, so you can feel good about saving money and keeping your family safe.

Green Tech Termite & Pest Control provides Residential Pest Control Services that include the treatment of current infestations as well as preventive treatments to protect your home and yard. We offer several residential pest control programs to fit every situation and budget. We offer one-time treatments as well as regular pest control treatment schedules to suit your requirements.

Residential Pest Control includes the following:

  • Ants
  • Asian Lady Beetles
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Deer Mice
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Gnats
  • Hornets
  • House Mice
  • Meadow Moles
  • Millipedes
  • Mites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Norway Rats
  • Silverfish
  • Sow Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
  • & More

Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects:

Other Florida Pests:

Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants cut “galleries” into the wood in your home. Colonies can contain up to 50,000 workers, and infestations are very difficult to control. Carpenter ants may also be mistaken for termites.


House crickets can damage silk, woolens, paper, fruits and vegetables. They can eat almost anything available.


Earwigs often hide in small, moist crevices during the day, and are active at night, feeding on a wide variety of insects and plants. Damage to foliage, flowers, and various crops are commonly blamed on earwigs.


Water is the key element for silverfish survival. Silverfish are able to live up to a year without food. Be sure to sweep, vacuum, or mop diligently. Silverfish eat cereal grains, starches, and anything else they can find.


Not only are their webs a nuisance around the house, but spiders can inflict painful, sometimes dangerous bites.

Water bugs

Water bugs are found wherever there is standing or gently running water and are found are most commonly seen in the late summer and early fall. Although not really dangerous, Water Bugs can give one a nasty bite.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are similar in appearances to Bumble bees, and may need Bee Control & Removal. Carpenter bee nests always have a perfectly round opening.

With our skilled and experienced termite and pest control technicians who are ready for all types of termite and pest control and extermination work, you can count on us to complete the Job!

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