In Wall Tube System

In-Wall Tube System for Pest Control

In-Wall Tube System is currently in a lot of homes and condos around the Greater Tampa Bay Area! The community of Westchase in Tampa has the in-wall tube systems installed in all their new homes. Green Tech Termite & Pest Control services these systems with a non – micro encapsulated pesticide and we use carbon dioxide to inject the product into the Tubes in the wall. This system does not eliminate all insects that we guarantee. Consequently, we always treat the outside of the home as well. This outer treatment includes the outside base of the home, doors and windowsills, and the soffit areas. Green Tech also treats for wasps, mud daubers, and knock down your spider webs ( as long as we can reach them ) at NO ADDITIONAL Cost!! A courtesy to all our pest control customers.

The Green Tech family will also treat the inside of the home with a Green Product that is perfectly safe for family and pets! Our manner of treatment is the BEST in the Tampa Bay Area! Our technicians are certified in all areas of Termites, Subterranean Termites as well as Drywood Termites. Our skilled technicians are Certified Operators in Commercial & Industrial Pest Control, as well as Residential Pest Control. We are also Certified in Lawn and Ornamentals. We do the insecticide, weeds, fertilization, as well as do potash in the Winter time to extend the root system for better absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Wall Pest Control

Question: What are the benefits of using my in-wall Pest Control system?

Answer. Insects take up residence inside your walls. The In Wall Tube System permits your Clearwater Pest Control Company to attack pests in their home. This is important for killing bugs at the central point of activity.

Question. Will the tube system eventually get obstructed?

Answer. Petroleum based products don’t congeal. Also, the materials are infused with a lot of pressure to permeate those hard to reach areas in the wall.

Question. Can the tubes break or become brittle?

Answer. In Wall Tube Systems use polyethylene tubing, which is a material that lasts 50 years or more. The polyethylene tubing was originally designed for underground irrigation. Consequently, the tubing is built to last.

Question. Does the pest control solution have a pungent odor?

Answer. The solution that we use has very little odor, so there would be no detectable scent on the other side of the wall.

Question. Are the chemicals safe for family and pets?

Answer. Green Tech Termite & Pest Control uses Green Eco-Friendly pesticides that are family and pet safe. In addition, in-wall tube systems keep the chemicals even further away from your loved ones.

Question. How much will this service cost me?

Answer. Like all Green Tech Termite & Pest Control services, we are very affordable and competitive with our pricing plans.

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