Flea Control

Flea Control by Green Tech Pest Control

Human & Pet Safe Flea Control in Tampa Bay

If you have pets or children, making sure they are safe from harmful pesticides is important. Out pest control technicians carry human and pet safe organic flea control products. We understand the need to keep the family safe from harmful chemicals. The flea is one of the most troublesome of insects and one of the most dangerous. This makes it easy for them to slip quickly about among the hairs of the animal upon which they live, for all fleas are parasitic.

Fleas feed on human blood through small bites in the skin. They can jump from your carpet up to your ankles and calves, and a female flea can produce up to 800 eggs during her lifetime.

Flea Types Include:

  • Cat Flea – Ctenocephalides felis
  • Dog Flea – Ctenocephalides canis
  • Human Flea – Pulex irritans
  • Moorhen Flea – Dasypsyllus gallinulae
  • Northern Rat Flea – Nosopsyllus fasciatus
  • Oriental Rat Flea – Xinopsylla cheopis

Flea Control Traits

Fleas are wingless insects that possess amazing agility and dexterity. The color of most fleas in Florida is a dark hue. They feed on the blood of their hosts and can pass diseases along to their host. The hind legs of a flea were designed for jumping. Fleas are one of the best jumpers of all animals. They have a very hard shell-like body that can resist a lot of pressure. People who have tried to crush fleas observe this about them. Please call us for any other Pest Control needs that you may have.

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