How to Properly Dispose of Cockroach Eggs


How to Properly Dispose of Cockroach Eggs

Cockroaches and cockroach eggs are just about the last thing you want to see on your property. It merely takes one cockroach to lay eggs that eventually create a massive infestation of these insects. You cannot simply scoop up these their eggs. You need to employ a strategic approach when handling cockroach eggs to ensure the problem does not worsen.

About Cockroach Eggs

Cockroach eggs are ticking time bombs as they will eventually hatch, releasing up to 40 cockroach infants. These eggs must be disposed of before the number of cockroaches in your home, business, or other space multiplies. However, you won’t have any idea you have roach eggs unless you know what these eggs look like. Each of the four primary types of cockroaches lays egg sacs referred to as ootheca. Ootheca has several eggs with elongated sacs that resemble pills.

Disposing of Cockroach Eggs

Once you know you have cockroach eggs, it is time to take action so the little roaches don’t have a chance to emerge, spread throughout your living or working space, and lay that many more eggs. Your best course of action is to contact a professional pest control service. It is possible to crush the eggs with your sneaker or another hard object. Though this approach is somewhat messy and unhygienic, as you will have to clean the broken eggs.

Some choose to vacuum up cockroach eggs. This approach does not actually kill the cockroaches. It is possible the eggs will simply hatch inside the vacuum cleaner. Just be sure to empty out the vacuum bag far away from your living or working space so the roach eggs do not hatch and find their way back into your home.

A professional pest control service will have experience with cockroach control, and will properly dispose of cockroach eggs in the most hygienic manner possible.

Additional Approaches to Disposing of Cockroach Eggs

There are other methods to eliminate cockroach eggs for good. Boric acid has some success when dealing with cockroach eggs. The eggs should be completely covered in the acid. Even if a couple roaches hatch from the eggs, they will perish as soon as they contact the boric acid.

In some cases, a potent cockroach pesticide can be applied to the eggs so the hatchlings die after crawling out. Insect growth regulators will also prevent the newly hatched roaches from growing into full-grown roaches. Apply it to the eggs for immediate sterilization that kills the egg and stops hatchlings from wreaking havoc in your home or office.

Rely on a Certified Cockroach Exterminator

Most people elect to lean on the professionals when it comes to eliminating cockroaches for good. There is no sense fussing around with DIY products and approaches when professionals are a call away. They know exactly how cockroaches access, spread, and multiply. Work with roach control experts to get rid of your roach problem including, cockroach eggs, and you won’t have to worry about aggravated allergies, germs/diseases carried by cockroach species, and generally unsanitary and embarrassing conditions.

Contact Green-Tech Pest Control For Cockroach Control

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Our team uses eco-friendly, “green” roach control methods to eliminate cockroaches from your property and preserve the environment. There is no better way to eliminate roaches and cockroach eggs than to rely on the team at Green-Tech Pest Control with a proven track record of cockroach control success.

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