What Are the Most Common Species of Florida Ants?


What Are the Most Common Species of Florida Ants?

Florida has more than its fair share of ant species. Ants thrive in the sunshine state thanks to its comparably warm weather and an abundance of sustenance. This environment is highly beneficial to a variety of species of ants. Let’s take a look at the most common types of Florida ants.

Florida Ant Species

In total, there are more than 220 species of ants found in Florida. These ants live in an array of nesting locations along tree limbs, soil, logs, tree bark, and beyond. Florida’s sunny climate, warm weather, and a generally welcoming habitat make it that much easier to survive. Of the 220+ species of Florida ants, 52 are considered exotic. Examples of Florida ants include the Pharaoh ant, the Acrobat ant, and the Rover ant.

A Closer Look at Ants in Florida

Florida fire ants are considered the state’s most dangerous type of ant. These diminutive insects look harmless yet they are rife with venom. The Florida Carpenter ant is the largest type of ant in the sunshine state. Florida carpenter ants and black ants are similar to one another. The black variety is laden with lengthy white or yellow hairs. Black ants are especially common in North Florida.

The carpenter ant variety is comprised of multiple species. The Buckley and Emery varieties are multicolored and comparably large. Carpenter ants typically look for open spaces for nesting. This type of ant favors areas near sources of food and moisture. Carpenter ants will go as far as hollowing out wood that has been softened by fungi or moisture. Once hollowed, carpenter ants will immediately start assembling their nests.

Florida Ants: Pharaoh Ants and Beyond

Pharaoh ants make their way into homes, offices, and other areas in search of crumbs, hydration, and shelter. Anything from a spilled drink to a dead insect or even a grease stain can attract this type of ant. If you have a torn window screen or an improperly sealed entryway, you are inviting pharaoh ants directly into your home. These ants are a major problem as their population is likely to increase quite rapidly. If you spot a pharaoh ant or any other ant, opt for professional residential pest control to eliminate these ants before they become a serious infestation.

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants are named as such as they lift their middle sections over their heads, oftentimes when agitated. When looked at from the top-down, the abdomen appears to be shaped similar to a heart. Though this ant is small, it proves quite unpleasant when disturbed. Acrobat ants release a disgusting odor upon agitation. Acrobat ants invade living and working spaces by way of gaps and/or cracks around a property’s pipes and wires. Even a tree limb that serves as a bridge to the building will suffice as an entryway.

Rover Ants

These tiny ants are typically black, brown or yellow in color. Rover ants move indoors in search of shelter and sustainable food supply. If your home has cracks in the foundation or any other gap, you will likely end up with rover ants.

Green-Tech Pest Control Eliminates Florida Ants

If you have Florida ants of any type, contact Green-Tech Pest Control for ant control services. Our team will determine the extent of your infestation and identify the types of Florida ants living in your home or office. Give our commercial pest control service a call at (727) 772-7378 to learn more about our ant control methods and how to eliminate Florida ants.

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