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Bird Control in Tampa Bay, FL

Birds in chimneys are common to homeowners.  Any opening will be an invitation to seek food or a place to rest.  Many birds find that it is a decent location to raise their young.  Whether a bird is trapped or has chosen to nest their young, there are many health risks to the homeowner.  If flues are open accidents can occur, birds stuck in chimneys may produce foul smells.  Birds also carry secondary pests, such as ticks, mites, and other parasites, that affect humans & household pets.  Our professional team at Green Tech Pest Control will remove birds, properly seal your chimney, & most importantly sanitize the area.

Bird Control Experts

We conduct permanent, reliable bird removal to keep your home healthy. If you hear any scratching, chirping, or rustling noises, call us to come out for a ‘Free Estimate’. If you notice any bird droppings in your fireplace, rely on us to provide an inspection to determine the extent of the issue.

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